Though we lost the bill at the capitol we are not giving up. You can find the CalGuns legal opinion here:

Find and hold your legislators responsible here:

Long gun carry is still legal and so are many other ways to carry handguns if you fall in an exempted situation. Airguns may also be purchased and carried both handgun and long gun styles.

When in doubt there is locked unloaded concealed carry.

Stay tuned for updates and never compromise on our gun rights. Giving up one right will never lead to bettering others it will only open the way to greater impact against our rights.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open Carry Day 1

Thanks to the assistance to many in the open carry community for being so supportive in this time. Ahead we will have a long fight but this time around we are better organized and ready. This will be a tougher fight than last year since the individual who is hosting this year's ban on open carry bill is Assemblymember Anthony Portantino who has friends on both sides of the fence.

Speaking with his office I am told they will press this bill to go through even though he knows it will create lawsuits and additional issues for our state due to the issues involving concealed weapons permits. So we fight on and press on. I have introduced myself to most members of the Assembly on two floors. I should have this completed in 2 weeks before I set up appointments to deal with members of the public safety committee. I will be present as I was last year at every level.

Here we go so hold on.

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