Though we lost the bill at the capitol we are not giving up. You can find the CalGuns legal opinion here:

Find and hold your legislators responsible here:

Long gun carry is still legal and so are many other ways to carry handguns if you fall in an exempted situation. Airguns may also be purchased and carried both handgun and long gun styles.

When in doubt there is locked unloaded concealed carry.

Stay tuned for updates and never compromise on our gun rights. Giving up one right will never lead to bettering others it will only open the way to greater impact against our rights.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Fighting against AB 144 continues to be a learning curve but is an essential component we MUST participate in to preserve our rights. If there are those who are paid for the anti-gun side we must be 10 times the force involved in defense. Defense wins the game.

We have some excellent allies on the Public Safety Committee at the Assembly level who are working diligently in assisting to stop this bill. I met with Steve Knight's office today about this and we have a great person here. Donnelly will also be an excellent fighter if the bill hits the floor. Donnelly used to be a minuteman. I pass on as much information as I can so if there is something in the info I get they can use they will know areas to follow up.

Right now the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor along with half of the 6th are done with our cards and information. We need to keep up the faxes and oppositions for our side. Keep up the good work.

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