Though we lost the bill at the capitol we are not giving up. You can find the CalGuns legal opinion here:

Find and hold your legislators responsible here:

Long gun carry is still legal and so are many other ways to carry handguns if you fall in an exempted situation. Airguns may also be purchased and carried both handgun and long gun styles.

When in doubt there is locked unloaded concealed carry.

Stay tuned for updates and never compromise on our gun rights. Giving up one right will never lead to bettering others it will only open the way to greater impact against our rights.

Monday, March 12, 2012

State-of-Emergency/ Open Carry

Open Carry has had mixed reviews in the media and mixed feelings in the gun rights community. There is an issue of serious divides in the gun community with the thoughts or feelings that open carry is the prevention of concealed carry. I will absolutely go on record to discredit this claim in its entirety!

With the passing of the open carry ban AB 144 even with the exemptions we are now left in a position where transportation is regulated. Open Carry was viewed by some as our only right to carry left yet this right was already full of issues since the firearm was not carried in a functional way (unloaded). While I am all for fighting for loaded open carry I also cannot say it is right to ban what is transportation means to carry a firearm.

The new bill to allow for an exemption of gun dealers to open carry (AB 1559/ Portantino) is being done due to flaws in the bill that could allow for an overturning though I have not had the research time yet to determine this issue.

A bill to ban carry of long guns is now in the work as well AB 1527 Portantino (D) will be the beginning of a new generation of regulation started by AB 144.

Within 2 years of banning all non-permitted carry we will begin to see further regulation on transportation.

Gun Owners of California deserves the most and strongest credit for defense of our gun rights. GOC is a "NO COMPROMISE" on our gun rights gun lobby. What I see and have seen is the strong stance against expanding and regulation and not a trade of rights like some groups have advocated for. Though I can see the annoyance of open carry to some I would also never advocate on any sort of ban of the right of a person to carry, after all I like GOC is not anti-gun in any way.

I would like to ask all those involved in gun rights why it is ok to take away any right to gain another. What is the gain to anybody by the loss of our rights to protect ourselves in the interim while we fight in courts to gain the right to carry? What options are left to protect ourselves during states of emergency, states of temporary individual duress and those of temporary residency of this state? The answer is we are losing all options to protect ourselves without permit.

We should never compromise on our gun rights in CA because when we compromise we open doors that may never be shut again and allow for added restrictions like we are allowing with a ban on open carry. For those with enough money to sue this also will apply to you in the near future. For those with permitting counties, you should look forward to 5 years from now added restrictions added when CA becomes larger in a "shall issue" situation.

Soon enough we will be looking closer to New Jersey or Hawaii regulation where all guns have to be permitted to transport in a locked case only. We are also now headed for regulation on locations where we may take guns with us. If the guns are not on the list of approved locations the gun owner will then face prosecution. Recently a man in Hawaii was prosecuted after stopping at the mall with his guns New Jersey there was a family who was moving who did not get a permit to move the guns and was prosecuted for transporting without permit.

Once transportation regulation is developed on the coattails of AB 144 we will look back and ask how this happened. The ultimate answer lies with AB 144, the ban on transportation of handguns. This all was developed after gun owners compromised on gun rights in the hopes it would assist in the courts for concealed carry.

I ask that CA gun owners unite in an idea and to stop all regulation of our gun rights regardless of their personal feelings. To assist I ask you join organizations only who will not compromise on these rights such as Gun Owners of CA and Gun Owners of America. For those in "trade-my-rights" groups, I ask you pressure those groups to stop all action that allows for a trade of rights.

One person can make a difference or change in this state; Why not allow it to be you? It is time to understand what not only the laws mean but also how the regulation affects us and how it is used to open doors to additional policy either for or against us. All of us should fight, write letters and get involved at any level. If more people understood the differences they could accomplish then only at that time we start to win again. Get involved, stay involved and be safe and protective of your life and your rights. If one person can make a difference then imagine what 1000 people could do.