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Long gun carry is still legal and so are many other ways to carry handguns if you fall in an exempted situation. Airguns may also be purchased and carried both handgun and long gun styles.

When in doubt there is locked unloaded concealed carry.

Stay tuned for updates and never compromise on our gun rights. Giving up one right will never lead to bettering others it will only open the way to greater impact against our rights.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flaws with the bill

After visiting the capitol yesterday with a small team I brought we came away with some great input.

AB 144 is still being looked at for constitutional issues. The issue of whether it violates the CA Constitution or US Constitution remains a serious concern. The second concern according to the bill's office is the 1st amendment infringements and whether that will come into play.

Portantino's office has done what they can not to cross this line. It will remain that Non-Profits will be exempt under this bill according to the staff. For AB 1934 this was removed from the bill after the formation of RCC and recognition that CalGuns was a non-profit.

The individual who wrote this bill is Irwin Norwick who does advising for the democrats on firearm issues. Some of his stances on firearms laws interpretations are problematic to say the least. For example, Irwin believes that ammunition cannot be carried or transported through a school zone or carried within 1000 feet of a school zone. He also believes that locked containers do not necessarily exempt an individual. Irwin believes that open carriers will get shot practicing open carry and it endangers the individual who is an open carrier. This stance is backed up by CPRA here: "In fact, as a self-defense strategy, it’s a risky tactic that might get you hurt or killed" The stance of CPRA is not fact based but based off of emotion. Open carry in my opinion should remain an option since there are no provisions in any of out CCW regs for low income so not all will be able to access CCWs even if they qualify in one of the issuing counties.

The fixing of the CCW law is necessary even according to Irwin, however, the decision has been made that there will be no fix attempted right now so that was CalGuns lawsuits will be successful. You cannot ban one practice to make another one accessible in this way. All rights should remain intact.

The public safety members who need to be called in opposition to AB 144 are:

California State Assembly
Committee on Public Safety

Committee Fax(916) 319-3745

Tom Ammiano - Chair Dem-13 (916) 319-2013

Steve Knight - Vice Chair Rep-36 (916) 319-2036

Gilbert Cedillo Dem-45 (916) 319-2045

Curt Hagman Rep-60 (916) 319-2060

Jerry Hill Dem-19 (916) 319-2019

Holly J. Mitchell Dem-47 (916) 319-2047

Nancy Skinner Dem-14 (916) 319-2014

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