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Monday, April 18, 2011

Brady Campaign Promotes Murder

There have been some additional threats on law abiding gun owners by Brady Campaign Terrorists. These acts of violence and threats must stop! Saturday after exiting my vehicle I was cussed at by a Brady Campaign member and as passing the man said he would hit me over the head and steal my gun.

This is not the only threat received by members of the Brady Campaign. 2/26/2011 at the same location police were summoned by an open carrier who was threatened and assaulted by one of the Brady Campaign leaders.

Prior to this Saturday a video came out by a member of the Brady Campaign threatening to kill open carriers. That video can be found here:

Another item brought out by the Brady Campaign is the specially designed targets made for Brady to shoot of a little girl. This again is promoting acts of violence on children and elderly people who cannot defend themselves well without the use of firearms.

Gun owners do not shoot targets of children but the Brady Campaign would?

Ethically I do not know how anybody would be a willing participant to make this sick video and way of promoting a cause.

These acts against people who obey the law MUST stop!

A copy of the above article can be found by clicking HERE

Tell them to stop! Info can be found on this flyer

Join us this Thursday and stand tall against these acts of terror by the Brady Campaign! We will remain those who obey the laws, while Brady Campaign will continue to attack law abiding citizens.

(What ever happened to against gun violence?)

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