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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AB 144 is a Law Our Cities and Departments Cannot Afford.

In California we have numerous restrictions on the ability to carry firearms for self-protection. It takes the average open carry advocate 3-6 months to be able to learn and abide by the law.

In other states throughout the United States there are less restrictions and guns are loaded. In the years since open carry has been legal in these states open carry causes no issues for authorities and has not placed the public at risk yet here in California there are accusations that our law enforcement officials have issues and less training. We believe these accusations are false. We believe our officers in California are trained and capable even if our elected officials have less faith in our law enforcement departments.

Training of law enforcement have been ongoing in California as part of standard training in police departments and academies throughout California. This training is ensure the public (including those who exercise their rights to carry arms)remain safe and secure.

AB 144 will require all law enforcement academies produce new training manuals, literature and take the time to train all officers on exemptions of this law. The drafting errors in AB 144 will create a nightmare for those burdened with enforcement of the law and will confuse the public when they continue to see open carry.

Law enforcement departments who are currently trained must now undergo a substantial level of new training and redevelopment of departmental policies. If AB 144 is passed into law it will take 3-4 years to train departments on proper handling of citizens who carry and longer to resolve the series of false arrests that will burden the departments and cities. AB 144 is a law that has no local reimbursements for cities and schools and will create a shift of funds away from resources that are already cash strapped.

Restricting self-defense and tools necessary to defend life places the public at risk in more ways than are currently predicted.

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